Jordan Taylor

New Coloring Book for All Ages

Posted by on Oct 20 2017, in Books

Just released at the end of the summer, I have a new coloring book which was a project I’d been toying with for years. I’m happy to say it’s finally out the door and you can find it on Amazon! This is a special project to me and a throwback to my childhood, when I colored realistic animals from the Dover line while I listened to audiobooks.

Once the market for adult coloring books exploded several years ago, I kept waiting for books like this to appear, yet never found what I was looking for. As a lifelong artist, I finally did the line drawings and completed the book myself.

So here it is, my favorite subject to color, both then and now—wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, and more in the Wild Dogs Coloring Book!

Check out some of the interior line art shots below (you can’t see them in the Amazon preview):